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Vacation rental investment experience for those who want to invest in Hokkaido.

You can expect income gains from the highest-yielding asset class in real estate by managing vacation rentals.



Since 2017, World Wide Base Co., the operator of JANKEN, has managed over 500 vacation rental properties and accumulated expertise.
Our team is based in Sapporo, Furano in the east, Niseko in the west, Hakodate in the south, and Asahikawa in the north of Hokkaido, offering our expertise to make your vacation rental investment a successful one.



+200%Vacation rental management yields on average up
to 160% more revenue than traditional real estate rentals.




A world-famous resort destination

Many people visit Hokkaido in winter for winter sports at the best resorts such as Niseko, Rusutsu, and Furano, which are famous for their high-quality powder snow.
Real estate properties in world-famous resort areas in Hokkaido can be used for both vacation rental and the owner's own leisure activities.


The highest number of guests

Even though the number of foreign tourists visiting Hokkaido has increased by 430% compared to 10 years ago, there are not enough accommodations for a very large number of guests.
So, the vacation rental management in Hokkaido makes it possible to maintain a stable occupancy rate while meeting the needs of visitors to Japan with as little vacancy risk as possible.


The investment market will expand more

Land prices continue to rise in Niseko, and the arrival of well-known brand hotels such as Park Hyatt and Ritz-Carlton has further strengthened market credibility as a place to own, live, invest, and develop.
In addition, it is expected that active redevelopment in Hokkaido and the Hokkaido Shinkansen line extension to Sapporo will support rising property values.


Land price is less expensive than the world market price

Even though Hokkaido's snow quality is world-class and its potential is equal to the world's top resorts, Niseko's real estate market price is about 1/3 of that of major ski resort areas in other countries.
And Furano and Rusutsu are even less expensive. The resorts are in a growing market, so the possibility of price collapse is low, allowing you to commit to a low-risk investment.

Our Strengths


JANKEN helps investors successfully enter the Hokkaido market through three unique strengths.


Expertise in vacation rental
management in the Hokkaido area

We will lead your vacation rental management to success by utilizing our expertise in vacation rental management cultivated in various areas in Hokkaido.


Abundant local

We are able to meet various needs of customers because we have built a network of local information in each area that is not available on the Internet.


Connections with
local contractors

We have connections with real estate companies, construction companies, cleaning companies, and other companies that are indispensable to vacation rental management, allowing us to provide a one-stop service.

Our Service


We formulate "highly accurate hypotheses" based on our expertise and knowledge cultivated in Hokkaido. We provide comprehensive consulting services to help investors achieve their goals. We formulate "highly accurate hypotheses" based on our expertise and knowledge cultivated in Hokkaido. We provide comprehensive consulting services to help investors achieve their goals.


Vacation Rental Investment Consulting

Comprehensive consulting for investment in vacation rental

Buying and Selling of Vacation Rental Real Estate and Listings

Brokerage services for the sale and purchase of land, buildings, etc.

Translation and Interpretation

The brokerage of vacation rental sales with foreign investors

Building Planning

Building plans suitable for real estate investment

Sales Strategy

Sales and advertising plan for developed properties

Development Management

Construction and development management report

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Investment in Niseko

Investment in Niseko

As a ski resort where you can enjoy good quality snow in winter and a vacation spot where you can enjoy rafting in summer, Niseko is attractive all year round and attracts tourists from many countries, such as Australia.
In addition, real estate in Niseko is less expensive than in ski resort areas in other countries, and the land price increase rate is the highest in Japan. These facts make Niseko an attractive investment destination for Japanese and foreign investors.
By owning real estate in the world-famous resort area in Hokkaido, you can expect capital gains as well as income gains through the management of vacation rentals and other businesses.


Investment in Furano

Investment in Furano

Like Niseko, Furano attracts many tourists with its high-quality powder snow. In summer, tourists also visit Furano to enjoy the beautiful lavender fields.
As a result, at its peak, 153,000 foreign overnight stays per year are recorded in Furano (surprisingly, this record is higher than in Niseko).
Because of its attractiveness, land prices in the resort area and Kitanomine district have risen 34% in four years, while land and property prices in Furano are lower than those in Niseko.
In summary, Furano is an ideal area for investment in vacation rentals, where high income gains can be expected with a relatively inexpensive initial cost.



How to receive Vacation Rental Investment Services

Please submit an inquiry from
"Contact" on this website.


Please provide details such as "background," "goals," "area," "business model," "budget," and "desired start date" of your investment in Hokkaido.
If you have any current or past experience in vacation rentals or real estate investment, please include that information as well.
We will analyze past data and make proposals that are more likely to lead to successful results.


Meeting and Suggestion


Our team of professionals with extensive knowledge of local business practices in Hokkaido will conduct simulations based on your inquiries and the information you share with us at the meeting, and propose an investment strategy and measures for you.
We will support you to accomplish your ideal by providing you with information that is not available on the Internet, such as information on the various needs and concerns in each area.


Launch Vacation Rental
Investment Services


Based on the proposals made to investors, we will provide vacation rental investment services, such as comprehensive consulting for investment in vacation rentals, purchase and sale of vacation rental real estate, purchase and sale of land, brokerage of any deals, and architectural plans suitable for investment.
And, we will run each service according to the schedule and continuously operate and improve it through a PDCA cycle to achieve KPIs.



How do you calculate the ROI of an investment in vacation rentals?

To calculate the return on investment (ROI) of an overnight stay property, we use our own simulations and other tools such as AirDNA, Metro Engine, etc.
Price, initial investment, monthly mortgage payments and expenses, price per stay, and occupancy must be clearly estimated.

What are the merits of an investment in vacation rentals?

There are merits and demerits to owning vacation rental real estate for investment. The merits of purchasing a vacation rental property are as follows:
∙ Monthly unearned income
∙ Investment for both cash flow and asset evaluation
∙ Higher cash flow, CoC, and ROI than long-term rentals

What are the demerits of an investment in vacation rentals?

The demerits of purchasing a vacation rental property are as follows:
∙ The real estate market is not 100% predictable.
∙ Lack of vacancies and inconsistent income in vacation rental management
∙ Unexpected seasonal expenses may be needed

What are some of the hidden costs of an investment in vacation rentals?

Often overlooked costs relating to vacation rental investment properties include: ∙ Real property taxes
∙ Fees for judicial scriveners
∙ Closing costs
∙ Unexpected property upgrades
∙ Unexpected damages caused by guests
∙ Property management related costs
∙ Homeowners and short-term renters insurance costs
∙ HOA Fee

Vacation Rental Investment Tour

Before investing in vacation rental properties for the first time in Hokkaido,
we would like to give you a clear picture of the situation, problems, and the next steps you should take.
For those who want to research the market first, we will arrange for you to visit the sites in each area.

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